Where are we from?

We have a research and testing center and 200 herbal trial fields in Hainan, China, and we have more than 30 traditional Chinese medicine doctors and professional research technicians.

Herb Engine rating agency

We created the Herb engine to evaluate functional herbal products on the market to help consumers make more sensible purchasing decisions.

We use the most ancient Chinese medical books, the Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor and Chinese pharmacopoeia theory, combined with the scientific research results of modern related herbs to evaluate and identify each Chinese herbal medicine product and provide objective and accurate evaluation results for consumers.

How do we do that

We will take samples from the herbal products to be tested and scientifically verify the alleged herbal ingredients. We will also judge whether the product is true and effective based on its herbal ingredients combined with ancient Chinese medicine theories and modern research reports on related herbal efficacy. Then we summarize this information in a clear and precise way. After validating our products, we will issue Herb Engine certification and enter it into our online database to encourage and constrain enterprises to make better herbal products based on product fundamentals. At the same time, it also provides consumers with objective and accurate evaluation results to help consumers make more sensible purchasing decisions.

This is the driving force and goal of our development, at present, the products we recommend have been sold to 95 countries and received good reputation from many customers. We will also dedicate a portion of our profits to the Chinese herbal charity, Herb Engine, which provides funding and technology to farmers who grow Chinese herbs to help them grow better organic herbs.

Therefore, your online purchases are important to Herb engine, and each purchase you make also contributes to public welfare.

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